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New Version 3.0.2 : New Price feed implementation for Montreal Exchange products

This new version will be mandatory to connect to the updated M-X price feed on the roll out date. Download now without effect for the current situation but you will be prepared for the conversion date.

On the conversion date:

  • Your initial position on futur outright will come has 2 year digit: From /BAX M2.ME to /BAX M22.ME

  • Your initial position will only be seen then in new books with 2 year digits.

  • Your current orders GTC will not be seen in the 2 year digits. But will still be active. Better to cxl them and re-enters them with the new symbol.

  • In the global order log, trade log and position, you will be able to see all orders and position in case you have a mix-up of single digit and double digit year symbology case.

  • This only affect outright; spread, flies and options are not affected.

To activate the new connection:

  • Open QJ with the new version

  • Go notch Use D5 in Setting/Feed.

  • Close and restart QJ

  • This will only have to be done once

Best practice:

  • Open a new market watch - use Montreal Exchange and Load Futur. You will get all the new symbol format.

  • Close your old book and open new ones with new format. Cancel old orders and re-enters them with new format.

  • If you do not cancel them, they will still be active, you will be able to cxl or cfo them, but the position will be added up in two separate lines in your position watch.

Capture D5.PNG
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